our educational core

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introduction to our core

an educational core outlines the central pillars of an institution’s academic teachings and practices. at boston baptist college, our educational core is built off four distinct pillars: (1) historical biblical interpretation, (2) ministry skills, (3) critical thinking, and (4) a biblical worldview.

these four core pillars encompass the entirety of our educational philosophy and we believe that, along with the careful study of the word of god, create an exemplary educational experience and open the door to a rewarding future of serving christ.

understanding our core

each pillar is designed to carefully embody various specifics of our educational experience at boston baptist college.

historical biblical interpretation

in a world where the legitimacy and infallibility of god’s word is constantly being challenged, boston baptist college is dedicated to teaching students the historical interpretation of the scriptures and to ensuring that orthodox christian beliefs and traditions are upheld, by the grace of god, for centuries to come.

ministry skills

we believe all god’s people are called to some form of ministry. whether you are called to serve in a local church, in a growing business, or on the mission field, boston baptist college is dedicated to providing students with the ministry skills they need to be effective christian leaders.

critical thinking

as a college established in the academic hub of the world, boston baptist college is dedicated to expanding students critical thinking skills and logical reasoning to ensure they can overcome the obstacles of the future.

biblical worldview

at boston baptist college, guiding students towards a biblical worldview is our most important duty. we work diligently to help students prepare for a future of defending the scriptures and the local church and leading our world towards a christ-like future until the lord returns.