our community covenant

our community covenant exists to provide each student with a standard of how they are to interact with those around them, both on and off campus. this standard challenges students to pursue excellence and holiness in all they do.

our community covenant operates in complete coordination with our beliefs and doctrinal statements.


we commit ourselves, as a community of jesus christ's disciples - the boston baptist college family and students - to voluntarily and lovingly live and work together to our lord's glory and to the advancement of his kingdom by accomplishing our college mission.

spiritual health

we commit ourselves to the maintenance of our personal spiritual disciplines and our unshakable emphasis on church life and world evangelism, as the foundations on which all of our in reactions find eternal meaning and practical value.


we commit ourselves, under the authority of scripture, to happily yet solemnly nurture an environment of love, kindness, and grace, where words are true and intents are noble, where forgiveness, resolution, and restoration are normative - knowing that all we say and do is done in the presence of him who willingly suffered for our sins.


we commit ourselves to honor god-ordained authority, and specifically within our community, we seek to honor god's calling on each of us, by fulfilling our roles with excellence, as an offering of love to our savior.


we commit ourselves, in both thought and action, in public and private, to the relentless embrace of integrity, honesty, purity, modesty, and industry, with self-discipline always as the primary catalyst to sustain these virtues, and gratitude as the environment in which these virtues flourish.


we commit ourselves to the reality that we are god's stewards individually and collectively, and so in all matters - moral, financial, academic, physical, social, and spiritual - we demand no less of ourselves than excellence and mutual encouragement - knowing that the day is soon coming when all that is done will be laid at the feet of jesus.

for a downloadable version of our community covenant, click here